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Packet Sniffer
Connection-oriented TCP/IP packet sniffer.
EffeTech HTTP Sniffer
Capture and analyze HTTP traffic and rebuild the HTTP files.
Ace Password Sniffer
Capture usernames and passwords sent through http, ftp, smtp, pop3, telnet.
MSN Sniffer
Monitor MSN messenger conversations on LAN.
AIM Sniffer
Monitor AIM conversations on LAN.
ICQ Sniffer
Monitor ICQ conversations on LAN.

Ace Password Sniffer update

Capture passwords through http, ftp, smtp, pop3, telnet.

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New version provides candidates of username or password for HTTP post submission.

The effective password recovery utility brings you a brand-new way to get your forgotten password back. Network administrators or concerned parents can also use it to capture passwords of other users, but such action may be considered as invasion of privacy, and make sure you have the right to do so. Currently Ace Password Sniffer supports passwords monitoring through FTP, POP3, HTTP, SMTP, Telnet, including some web mail password.

Ace Password Sniffer works passively and don't generate any network traffic, therefore, it is very hard to be detected by others. And you needn't install any additional software on the target PCs or workstations. If your network is connected through switch, you can run the sniffer on the gateway or proxy server, which can get all network traffic.

This stealth-monitoring utility is useful to recover your network passwords, to receive network passwords of children for parents, and to monitor passwords abuse for server administrators.

  You can see the passwords as soon as it appeared on LAN.
Support Various Protocols
  Fully support application protocols of FTP, SMTP, POP3, TELNET, etc. That means user names and passwords used to send and receive emails, to log on a web site, or to log on a server, can be fully captured and saved.
Support HTTP Protocol
  Support HTTP protocol, including proxy password, basic http authenticate authoriation and most passwords submitted through HTML, no matter they are encoded by MIME or base64.
Verify whether the captured passwords are valid
  It can tell whether the passwords captured are right. You can even get the replies from the server for the login. And it always keeps trying to get valid user name and password pairs.
Who use it?
Network Administrators
  Monitor passwords abuse.
  Monitoring your kids email and web activities.
Common User
  Recover your network passwords.
Feb 2, 2008
Ace Password Sniffer version 1.4 released.
Sep 3, 2006
Ace Password Sniffer version 1.3 released.
July 18, 2004
Ace Password Sniffer version 1.2 released.
Aug 10, 2002
Ace Password Sniffer version 1.1 released.
Aug 9, 2002
Ace Password Sniffer version 1.0 released.