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rankradar is powered by Google App Engine
Powered by Google App Engine
rankradar uses Google Account as account system.
Google search
Yahoo search
MSN live search
rankradar's payment provider, PayPal
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Capture and analyze HTTP traffic and rebuild the HTTP files.
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RankRadar Search Ranking Monitor

rankradar tracks search ranking of Google, Yahoo and MSN live search.

RankRadar is a web 2.0 service to monitor Google search as well as Yahoo and MSN live search. It integrates Google Account, and utilizes Google App Engine (Google Cloud Computing) as back-end platform. After users set their concerned keywords, own web sites and competitor web sites, the service will search these keywords in Google, Yahoo and MSN every day, analyze rankings in the search results, and discover trends and emerging competitors for users. It also provides free account for web site owners, and the free account is totally free for ever.

It is very useful for web owners who have many web sites and want to keep an eye on the rankings periodically. While competitions of Google rankings are fierce, we need a tool to complete the monitoring job and identify potential competitors automatically. RankRadar Search Ranking Monitor is just such a service for you.

Visit the official website of RankRadar to track Search Ranking now.

Who use it?
Web site owners

Google and other major search engines always change the rankings of search result for each keyword. You need a tool to keep up with the dancing, and identify any danger before things getting worse.

  As a SEO, you must have many web sites, keywords and search engines to montor. Now rankradar set you free from these routine work of manual ranking monitoring. It will record all the historical data, and you can easily print these out as report for your customers.
Why rankradar?
  • Free: Provide free plan with up to 2 keywords query on Google, more in higher plans.
  • Helpful: Check rankings for you every day automatically.
  • Convenient: Log in with your existing Google Account . Provide Google gadget to easily integrate into iGoogle. Find more at ig Gadget page.
  • Reliable: Use Google's highly reliable, high performance infrastructure. Powered by Google App Engine
  • Powerful: Do daily query for you on Google, Yahoo and MSN, save all search results, compare history data, generate trends, and identify emerging competitors.
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Nov 28 , 2008

rankradar service launched.